Heath (heathsrow) wrote,

stupid hairless monkeys.

you know what i hate?

people. Seriously.

so i'm parked behind an SUV, waiting in my car for a friend to come back from an ATM. the owner of the SUV gets in his monstrosity, and proceeds to back straight into me, slicing a few nice deep scratches into my hood with his bike rack, then pulls away quickly when i honk at him. luckily, he got stopped at the light and i jotted down his lic. plate number. normally i wouldn't bother, but i hope my insurance company nails his ass to the wall. then we continue on to Anna's Taqueria (i've had a hankering all week). well, it's obviously cold outside but the line is out the door so we wait in the cold, with the door shut to keep the heat inside, like civilized people. once we've gotten our food and manage to grab a table, suddenly every moron in line is holding the door wide open, freezing everyone to death. all these strangers at the tables looking at each other wondering who's gonna finally say something, noone does.

who raises these people? man, i've been known to make an ass of myself in public. i've been clumsy, i've been brash, i've been known to put my foot in my mouth, ruffle a few feathers. i'm no angel, i'm not perfect. but at least i make some attempt at civility. i like to think i aim toward a life of peace among the upright monkeys.

i wanted to yell at those people with the door. i wanted to walk right up to them and explain the practice of heat-dispersion, how warmer molecules immediately travel into areas with cooler molecules and continue to do so until the whole area is of the same general warmth. therefore, when you hold a door open in sub-zero weather, the nice people eating their food freeze their fucking tails off! i wanted to explain to Mr. SUV that just because he invested in a larger automobile, i'm pretty sure it didn't come with a liscense to fuck up my car (i'll call the dealership tomorrow just to make sure). you would think these sorts of things would be common knowledge. i would think schools might teach this sort of thing. maybe it's on the MCAS now...

i hate people. stupid hairless monkeys.


now, having gotten that out of my system, the good news:

as Zack also posted today, the band finally has a gig booked for Boston. the Middle East Upstairs, Sunday April 27th. It'll be a great way to finish off the weekend. if you don't know us, download some of The Information's songs at http://www.theinformation.net/demos.html. we've also got some other gigs in the works with some kickass bands. this made me happy today, and i've been on edge lately.
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