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Ok, so I'm going to share a secret. But it's only for you. You and the other nameless, faceless, anonymous masses that may happen upon this journal--but that's it. SHHHH! Don't tell:

I watch American Idol.

I know, I know, all my indie cred just went out the window. "You corporate puppet!" you shout as you slam your monitor. I know, I apologize. In my own defense, I only usually watch programs of some sort of political or social satire--favorites including The Simpsons, The Daily Show, South Park and The Sopranos. I never watch reality shows, have never seen a full episode of Survivor, stopped watching The Real World back after San Francisco ended. So why am I watching this pre-fabricated, over-dramatized bullplop? One word:


If you happen to be watching the show too, you'll know that Frenchie is this big black girl with AMAZING pipes. The girl can sing, can belt it out, can blow away anybody else on that stage. On top of it all, she has a great attitude. She knows who she is, knows she doesn't fit the standard size 2 form of all the other female contestants, she doesn't care.

Watching her make it through round after round has been like viewing a test of American cultural decency. When will the judges cave to the current, shallow view that talent must also adhere to the accepted standard of beauty? Well, she's made it this far, and now, the judges have their say, but the viewers are the ones who vote. Now we get to see if the American people have bought everything the media have been selling. Can a person without a "TV look" (although she is certainly stylish in her own right) be accepted for her raw talent? I don't have a lot of faith, but we'll see. One she's out, I'm done watching.

I hope my bandmates read this and kick my ass at practice. Jesus, fucking American Idol....
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