Heath (heathsrow) wrote,

i hate 'tussin

cough syrup does strange things to me. it's 5 am, i have to work tomorrow, i got one hour's sleep, i'm feeling loopy, and my stomach is making strange gurglings--but at least i'm not coughing.

i figured now would be a good time as any to update.

despite the fact that work kicked my ass this week (and things with that radio spot are still unresolved), i'd consider last week a victory in mood elevation. maybe it was the whiskey, more likely it was the fact that i started up at the gym again. i exhausted myself going out every night, but at least i wasn't lying around feeling sorry for myself as i have been. i saw some good bands, hung out with some great people, and even managed to make a batch of my famous chicken cacciatore (just about the only dish i CAN cook). monumental considering the way things have been feeling lately.

Friday was fun. after practice was the Model, which is no surprise. but for some reason, the place was packed (with a line out the door even). the cool thing was that i knew about thirty people, so i spent the night bouncing around the bar. met a cool girl who will probably aid me in my quest to rule out every single female in Boston as a potential romantic match...but i'll bitch about that bridge when i come to it.

Saturday and Sunday were spent mostly running around doing errands, gym, amp repair stuff. sounds uninteresting, to be sure, but it's a major improvement from past weekends when i haven't been leaving the house before 7pm.

this coming week promises to suck. i've got those seminars for work so i'll be stuck in bu-tee-ful Rocky Hill, CT next weekend, St. Patrick's day weekend, when i live in probably the best city in the world in which to enjoy it (well, other than Dublin). i'll just have to stick to a strict regiment of gym attendance and whiskey. i'm going to try my luck at sleep now.
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