Heath (heathsrow) wrote,

Drinking: everyday, all day

So work this week has been utter hell. My psychic medium client had a death in the family (don’t even ask me why she didn’t see that one coming) and was supposed to go on the radio this week to promote her seminar next week. I’d had all kinds of issues trying to book that radio spot, but got it done. Well, the day before she was supposed to go on, this happened and she let us know she couldn’t make it . So now I’ve been scrambling to reschedule, nobody’s calling me back, and everyone’s on my ass to get it sorted out. On top of that, my other clients have been freaking out about other things. Fun.

The only thing saving my sanity is the fact that I’ve been out almost every night catching rock bands and drinking heavily. I’ve seen 12 bands in the last three days and have increased my usual whiskey intake by 500%.

This afternoon, I actually had to run to the radio station to try and settle this (to no avail). I stopped at home for lunch and pounded a beer before heading back to the office. I’m feeling a bit better because of it. Therefore, I’ve decided from now on I’m drinking nothing but alcohol, constantly, through out my day.

There are myriad benefits for everyone. My clients will benefit because I’ll be more chipper on the phone and excessively friendly in meetings. My roommates will benefit because our apartment will always be well-stocked with booze, and my insurance company will benefit because I’ll be sure to get in a fender bender here and there and they’ll be able to charge me outrageous premiums (although it's, not like they don't already). Everybody happy!

Bottom’s up!
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