Heath (heathsrow) wrote,

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!

Saturday evening is definitely the high point of a weekend.

Fridays can always feel forced, with a responsibility to go out, do things, conquer. No release should ever hold as much pressure as Fridays tend to do. Fridays are the kid brother of the weekend: deep down, you love them, but you sometimes resent the fact that you have to take special care of them when you would probably rather be doing something else. But you treat Fridays accordingly because they are, well, Fridays.

Now Saturdays, on the other hand, never ask for extra understanding. Saturdays don't expect anything more than you going after what you want for yourself. Saturdays are more forgiving, and more open to adventure. They also more often follow a full-nights rest (even if it stems from drunkenness the night before). Saturday nights have usually been better prepared for, readied. Saturdays are never as much of a challenge. Saturdays are action-packed, Saturdays are gold.

And on another note, I must say it's nice to be wearing lipstick when it's been applied second-hand.
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