Heath (heathsrow) wrote,

The afterlife, now only $50! Operators are standing by!

My client talks to dead people.

So I had to be at work at 7:45 this morning (hence the post below). One of my clients was on the radio and we had to be in to take ticket orders for her upcoming seminar. Now, I work for a PR/marketing firm but we book, arrange, promote and sell tickets for these 250-400 person seminars this client holds twice a year. She’s the only client we do this for. Oh, yeah, I should mention that she’s a medium--a woman who talks to the dead for a living.

Ever seen John Edward? THAT’S what she does. She runs around these big conference rooms and gives "messages" from the "other side" to the audience members. It’s pretty crazy, and certainly the weirdest part of any job I’ve held. When I mention that I have a client who does this, people always ask me, "so is it fake?" Here’s my take:

At heart, I generally want to believe this stuff. I want to believe that there’s something more after we shuffle off this mortal coil. I think most people do. However, I try to be a skeptic because I never want to be taken for a ride.

Like on Mr. Edward’s television show (if you've ever seen it), this client of ours walks into the room, and begins by asking for a name. She’ll say, "I’m getting a ‘J’ name, like Jack or John." Now I would wager that anybody can walk into a room full of 400 people and find a person who knows someone (living or dead) named John. She builds from there, asking general questions. "He’s showing me his hands, he worked with his hands, with tools," and the person will say, "Oh he was a carpenter…" or something like that. She creates a more detailed profile like that, working from the very general to the specific.

I definitely see how anybody who’s quick-witted and knows the right questions to ask could fake their way through this. Everything starts so generally and with the help of a crowd that WANTS to believe. But every so often, she’ll do something ridiculously specific. This one time I remember, she seemed to "make contact" with a couple’s young departed son. She went through all the basics and painted a pretty clear picture of the kid. She finished with them and started to talk to someone else, then turned back around. "Why is he showing me a big vehicle? I see, like, a big truck," she said. They looked at her dumbfounded and replied flatly, "He was killed by a school bus." Creepy.

So, the jury’s still out for me on this stuff. But, the world is full of believers, apparently, because the phone’s been ringing off the hook all day. If I don’t get some more coffee soon, I’ll be making my own contact with the dead.
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